About the Firm

You just want what’s fair and reasonable.

You are an honest, hard-working person, and you believe that insurance companies and liable drivers should hold-up their end of the bargain. You need to be fairly compensated for your inconveniences, injuries, and damages.

A Montclair Injury Attorney Who Empathizes with Your Frustrations

Attorney Alan Irwin started his Southern California auto accident and personal injury practice after he, himself, got hurt in a car crash. Despite the overwhelming evidence on his side, the insurance company still made the recovery process difficult and annoying.

The frustration of the experience sparked Mr. Irwin’s interest and passion. How many other people must be suffering similar nonsense? He has since gone on to understand–on a very deep level–both how insurance companies work after car accidents, and what hurt motorists need to do to ensure a fair deal and protect their rights.

The “Right” Actions to Take After an Accident Are by No Means Intuitive

If you lack smart legal counsel, you could inadvertently take actions (or fail to take actions) that could compromise your case and ultimately compel you to pay for your own medical costs and damages out of pocket. . . even if someone else or some other company was clearly liable

Attorney Irwin’s Practice Areas

Automobile Accidents

Whether an automotive component malfunctioned and caused you to lose control of your vehicle; or a distracted driver blathering on his iPhone sideswiped you, Attorney Irwin will fight vigorously to ensure that you are appropriately compensated and that justice is done.

Wrongful death

If you lost a loved one as a result of the negligence or carelessness of an employer, individual, or corporation, Mr. Irwin and his team can compassionately, systematically help you pick up the pieces, hold responsible parties accountable, and protect your interests.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Montclair — even if you were not wearing appropriate safety gear — you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Mr. Irwin can explain your rights and help you make practical legal choices.

Personal Injury

If you broke your hip in a slip and fall on someone’s property, suffered devastating injuries due to a defective medical product, or otherwise sustained an injury due to carelessness, negligence, or other malfeasance, Attorney Irwin can help you understand what remedies might be available.

Truck Accidents

The Southland is practically overrun with big rigs and other trucks on our freeways and surface streets. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, there may be very specific steps that you must take to ensure that the liable trucking company or insurance company treats you fairly.

Reasonable Help–Not Hype or Empty Promises

Accident victims in Southern California and elsewhere are easily overwhelmed. Especially if you thought that you’d never need to hire a lawyer to help you do something which you thought would be easy. By the time you find out that things are more complicated than you expected, you’re probably not only a bit overwhelmed, but maybe even a bit demoralized. Sure, there are lawyers on television or the web snarling into the camera almost like professional wrestlers beating their chests and saying how they “fight for you!” Do you really want to deal with someone like that in your life? Just the thought of having to wade through the hype to find legitimate help is headache-inducing.

Attorney Irwin is known for his straight-talk, honesty, and reasonable approach to auto accident injury cases. For instance, you likely have your own insurance, as required by law and prudence. The reason why you purchased that insurance was to protect your rights and your pocketbook. If your insurer refuses to hold up its end of the bargain, you need a proven process, like the one Mr. Irwin developed, to push back and protect yourself.

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