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Perhaps a driver distracted by his cell phone T-boned you at a stop sign; or maybe a horrific freeway crash totally destroyed your car. In any event, you want the help of a competent auto accident lawyer in Montclair to protect your rights and help you obtain compensation.

Attorney Alan D. Irwin truly understands how overwhelming the “post-accident period” can be.

Several years ago, a driver hit Mr. Irwin’s car, injuring him, and sending him on a proverbial wild goose chase to collect compensation from the liable driver’s insurance company. That experience left an indelible impression on Mr. Irwin. It ultimately led him to rededicate his life and practice to help personal injury victims like you get fairer treatment.

Attorney Irwin believes there is a big difference between fair treatment and the over the top compensation promised by all too many of his peers. If you hope to somehow “game the system” and get more than your fair share, please find other representation. If, on the other hand, you want what’s fair and reasonable — and you want to be maximally strategic about pursuing justice and compensation — then please call Attorney Irwin immediately at (909) 885-2400.

Principled Representation from an Empathetic Auto Accident Lawyer in Montclair.

Mr. Irwin can provide empathetic, intelligent, clearheaded guidance about your situation. Each car accident and personal injury case is different, and the nuances can be crucial.

No attorney or law firm can guarantee results. It may turn out that you do not have a good case, for whatever reason. However, you owe it to yourself and your family to at least investigate your potential legal options. There is no need or reason to “go up against” a large insurance company by yourself — or to attempt to parse the intricacies of Southern California accident law by yourself.

Let Attorney Irwin help you understand what to focus on and build you a strategy to get results.

To speak with an auto accident lawyer in Montclair, call Mr. Irwin now at (909) 885-2400.


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