Personal Injury Law

personal-injuryPerhaps you got rear-ended by a big-rig on a Southland freeway, or sideswiped by a careless driver blabbing on his cell phone. In any case, you’re hoping to connect with a competent Montclair injury attorney to understand your rights and potentially obtain a monetary recovery.

You need help, but you are (rightfully) turned-off by the inflated claims that many injury law firms tend to make. You do not want “pie-in-the-sky” promises, nor are you obsessed with wringing “as much money as possible” from your fender-bender or other accident.

And you probably are a bit offended when the lawyers on commercials go on-and-on about a person’s “rights” because when you went to school, the rights you learned about were a bit more important (like Free Speech) and you don’t recall anything in the Bill of Rights that referred to “maximum compensation for you injuries” as being the kind of “right” that our Founding Fathers were concerned with at the beginning of this nation.

Montclair Personal Injury Attorney

 Montclair personal injury attorney, Alan D. Irwin, has a passion for helping people who have been injured and mistreated get reasonable assistance.

Far too many lawyers over-promise and under-deliver for their clients. They set inflated expectations and thus inadvertently send their clients on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Attorney Irwin, on the other hand, thinks differently about personal injury and car accident law.

Perhaps his unique vantage comes from the fact that he, himself, was severely hurt in a car crash and mistreated by a big insurance company in the wake of that catastrophe. He understands that most victims do not want to get embroiled in a painful, long, possibly distracting legal battle. They merely want to be treated like human beings: that is, fairly and reasonably.

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