Why Alan Irwin Became an Injury Lawyer in Montclair

Alan D. IrwinSeveral years ago, Alan got into a car accident. It was an awful, scary experience, and his vehicle was severely damaged. He got a temporary rental, and his car was in the shop. But while driving this rental, he got hit yet again by another vehicle… while he was stopped in a crosswalk in front of a school zone, no less! Despite the fact that he had these powerful liability facts on his side, the insurance company still gave him a hard time.

It was a frustrating situation, to say the least: the insurance company changed adjusters multiple times, for instance. The drama and hassle were particularly unwelcome, since Alan also had to undergo medical rehab to recover from his injuries.

Irritated by his treatment at the hands of the insurance companies — and inspired by a passion to protect others in the community from similar bad treatment — Alan changed the fundamental focus of his work and began to represent people just like you, who had been hurt in car and truck crashes in Montclair and elsewhere.

Fueled by an enthusiasm and deep thirst for knowledge, he quickly developed a remarkable facility for auto accident law and amassed a systematic approach to handling them. His detailed, thorough process helps auto accident victims protect themselves against insurers who fail to play by the rules and drivers who shirk their responsibilities.

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